dice 33

the cave

lets jump

you her the taping of the rain outside the cave. the light from your fire illuminates a small sculler pattern on the rock ceiling and the dirt floor below. a small rodent scuddles across the floor. u decide it the morning you will adventurer farther into the cave but first you must gather your things and put them in a safe place before you sleep the almost pathetic half-ling Dinmore who has acoponyed you on your jouny who soul perilous is to carry the coleted treasurers. he has already culed up in a small ball and was snoring to the point whair small bits of snot would spray out of his noise at each exhale. when suddenleey a belowing growl come echoing from the oping of the cave stands many lardg wolf like dogs standing in a pack one leaps forwards the others bond towds you must run or stand and fight or risk the chanc of injury. after you dicide that you need to make your way farther down the cave hoping it comes out on the other end of the long stretching mounten range. the cave comes to a wide opining looking over the land thair is a sea west of you the sheer cliffs rite below you end at a small pond looking shallow you can climb down but if you fall you cold hit the jagged rocks derectly below but if you jump you can clear the rocks but the water seems shallow. dinmoer does not want to jump but he has your gear. u swim to the sandy shor lying on you back panting.


19pklovespk 19pklovespk

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